Emmons County PSC Hearing Information

Linton, ND—Emmons County is hosting the ND Public Service Commission (PSC) Hearing for the Dakota Access Pipeline pumping station on November 13th in the Emmons County Courthouse Auditorium, 100 4th St NW, Linton, ND.  The hearing starts at 9:00 AM, and doors will be open to the public at 8:00 AM.

The facility has a capacity of 400; however, due to the large, public interest, the hearing will also be streamed live on the ND Public Service Commission webpage: 
https://www.psc.nd.gov/  BEK Sports will also live broadcast throughout ND:  https://www.bek.coop/bek-tv/bek-channel-finder/ 

Parking at the Courthouse is limited and attendees may need to park several blocks away.  Bus parking will be accommodated on the south side of the Courthouse.

This hearing provides an opportunity for members of the public to contribute to the PSC’s official record.  Comments from members of the public must be received at the hearing, in person, to be part of the record. 

People with comments or concerns related to the project are encouraged to attend the hearing and present their information.  Information received after the hearing will not be part of the official record and cannot be used as a basis for the Commission’s decision unless certain additional procedures are followed.  Public comment may not occur until late in the afternoon on November 13th.

All visitors will be screened at the Emmons County Courthouse.  The following items are strictly prohibited (items seized will be discarded):

  • Any pointed object (i.e., knitting needles, letter openers, etc.)  NOTE:  pens and pencils permitted
  • Electric stun guns, martial arts weapons or devices
  • Guns, replica guns, ammunition, and fireworks
  • Knives of any size
  • Mace and pepper spray
  • Razors and box cutters
  • Noisemakers (i.e., air horns, whistles, etc.)
  • Musical Instruments
  • Packages, briefcases, backpacks or suitcases
  • Banners or posters
  • Face masks
  • Any item security feels may pose a public safety risk.


Public Service Commission Hearing

9:00 AM, November 13, 2019

Emmons County Courthouse Auditorium

100 4th St NW, Linton, ND