​Emmons County Public Health provides a variety of services to help keep seniors healthy. For more information about this, and additional services provided for adults or maternal/child health, contact us at (701) 254-4027. 

  • Blood Pressure Checks - Blood pressure can be checked at any time via appointment at the public health office. Blood pressure is an indicator of future health problems, as high blood pressure puts extra strain on your heart.

  • Diabetes Screening - Screenings are conducted monthly at Senior Citizen clinics and anytime in the office.

  • Flu Shots - This immunization practice remains the most successful way to assure your body will be resistant to influenza, and if you do show symptoms, they are normally less severe. Call public health unit for an appointment during flu season. 

  • Foot Care - Services are available for senior citizens from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the following communities: Braddock on the first Monday of the month, Linton on the first Tuesday of the month, Strasburg on the first Wednesday of the month, Hazelton on the first Friday of the month, and Hague on the second Thursday of the month. Also available at the public health any time via appointment. 

  • Home Health - In-home nursing services for elderly or disabled individuals as needed.

  • Immunization Clinic - The is clinic is offered on the second Tuesday of the month from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or any time by appointment. 

  • Medication Setup - Available in home or at public health office. Contact our office for more information.

  • Rapid Inspection - May include ear checks and nursing assessment by appointment. 

  • Tobacco Prevention and Screening - Staff provides resources that will aid in the cessation of, and prevention of using, products that contain tobacco. Information is also provided for NDQuits, the state of North Dakota’s tobacco cessation/prevention program.

Senior Health