Tax Director Assesses:

  • Agricultural Land
  • Residential Land & Structures
  • Commercial Land & Structure

Agricultural Land Is Assessed By:

  • Detailed Soils

Residential & Commercial Properties Are Assessed By:

  • Sales Comparison Approach,
  • Field Inspections and Markets

We then put values on these properties and the process is done to determine the taxes.

          Applications & Forms          

*Building Permit*

*Set-back Ordinances*

*Mobile Home Registration*

*Zoning Ordinance Manual*

*Farm Exempt Application*

*2019 Income Verification Worksheet*

*2018 Income Verification Worksheet*

*Homestead Credit Application*

(for senior citizens and disabled individuals)

*Homestead Credit Information*

*Veteran Credit Application*

*Veteran Credit Information*

For a complete list of exemption forms and information visit the:

North Dakota State Tax Commissioner's Website

North Dakota 
County Rents & Prices Annual Survey

Emmons County Property Information & Values (link to property cards for Residential & Commercial Structures​)

Sarah Ohlhauser 
Emmons County Tax Director
P.O. Box 776
Linton, ND 58552
(701) 254-4417


Tax Director