Zoning, Setbacks and

Building Permits

Zoning Ordinance Manual (includes setbacks within document)

Zoning Ordinance 98-9-1

Resolution 22-03-01:  Resolution Regulating Mobile Homes, Conex Boxes and Other Structures (Recreational Zoned Lands Only)

North Dakota State Building Codes - Emmons County does not have any additional codes.

Building Permit Application Process:

Applications for Building Permits, drawings, and payment must be received by the 20th of the month prior to the monthly Commissioner's meeting when your permit will be presented.   (Eg.  If you would like approval at the April meeting, your permit and all information should be received at the Tax Equalization Office by March 20th.)  

A sketch of some sort must accompany the application:

  • Showing where the construction will occur in relation to the distances from other buildings on said parcel and the distance to each lot boundary. 
  • If a new home, where entrance to the property will be made so we can determine 911 address once approved.

Please call the Director of Tax Equalization if you have any questions about this process.

Emmons County Building Permit Application  - If construction is within city limits, please see the clerk for that city.  NOTE:  It is the land owner's responsibility to be knowledgeable and compliant to the Zoning Ordinance Manual before the building process begins. 

Septic System Permit & Information

Application for Industrial Condition

Application for Conditional Use

Utility Permit