Auditor Duties:
        *  Chief Financial Officer for the County
        *  Administer Elections
        *  Clerk for the Board of County Commissioners,
           keep accurate record of the official
           proceedings of the board
        *  Prepare annual financial statements
           for the county 
        *  Prepare county budgets
        *  Mill Levies

Our office is responsible for:     
        *  Preserving all Documents, Books,
           Records and Maps
        *  Filing and Preserving Vouchers
        *  Tracking Revenues 
        *  Expenditures for the County
        *  Submitting Bills for Commission Approval
        *  Hunting and Fishing Licenses
        *  Maintaining Asset Inventory of the County
        *  Recording Tax Deed Properties
        *  Issuing Warrants to Taxing Districts

Marlys Ohlhauser, Elected Official

Jody Scherr, Deputy

Leann Volk, Deputy
Emmons County Auditor
P.O. Box 129
Linton, ND 58552
Phone:  701-254-4807