Environmental Health

Monitoring and Mitigating Factors

Environmental Health is the branch of public health concerned with monitoring or mitigating those factors in the environment that affect human health and disease. For more information about this, and additional services provided for seniors or maternal/child health, contact us at (701) 254-4027.  

  • Septic System - In 2017, Emmons County Public Health Board of Health adopted a statewide septic system code. This requires all installers to be licensed and that every new or updated septic system is permitted and inspected. Emmons County contracts environmental health services through Custer Health to perform these duties. If you have questions, please contact Emmons County Public Health at (701) 254-4027 or call Western Plains Public Health at (701) 667-3370. For more information visit the Western Plains Public Health website or email

  • West Nile Program - Surveillance throughout the county and education of the disease and vector control are available.