Emmons County Measure No. 1

The 2015 Legislature, through SB2144, eliminated the County Farm to Market Road Levy (5.00 Mills) effective in 2024. Therefore, per NDCC 57-15-06.7(5), shall the governing body of Emmons County shift those mills to the County Road and Bridge Levy moving that fund from 10.00 to 15.00 mills? In summary, this will decrease the Farm to Market Fund from 5.00 mills to 0.00 mills, and increasing the County Road and Bridge Levy from 10.00 mills to 15.00 mills.



Short History of Emmons County Farm to Market 5.00 Mill Levy

On November 6, 1956, a question was submitted to the electors of Emmons County for voter approval to levy up to 5.00 mills for the construction program of the county’s Farm to Market and Federal Aid roads, which program was approved by the State Highway Department and the Bureau of Public Roads pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 177, Section 25 of the 1953 Session Laws of the State of North Dakota.  The 5.00 mill levy for the construction of the Farm to Market and Federal Aid roads was approved by the voters at the November 6, 1956 election, and the majority of the County’s Farm to Market and Federal Aid Roads have been reconstructed through the use of federal, state and local funds. 

In 2015, the ND State Legislature eliminated the 5.00 mill levy for the Farm to Market and Federal Aid roads effective December, 2024, however, these roads still are and will be in need on continuous maintenance, upkeep and snow removal services.  The Farm to Market and Federal Aid Roads also do not qualify to receive funding for the per mile road tax which is received for county and organized township roads, and the maintenance and upkeep of the farm to market and federal aid roads is vitally important to the needs of the county’s residents, farmers, ranchers and public road users, not to mention the importance for school buses and mail delivery, as well as for emergency ambulance and fire services.

Emmons County currently levies 5.00 mills for the Farm to Market Road maintenance and upkeep and 10.00 mills for County Road and Bridge maintenance and repairs, or a total of 15.00 mills.  The Emmons County Commissioners discussed the expiring farm to market road levy at their regular meeting on August 2, 2022, and decided not to ask the county residents for an increase in road taxes, but is asking permission from electors to shift the expiring 5.00 mill Farm to Market Road levy to the County Road and Bridge Fund levy, and a Resolution was duly passed and adopted to place Emmons County Measure No. 2 upon the November 8, 2022 General Election Ballot for that purpose.  

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