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Emmons County

Public Notice

Notice of Public Hearing
PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Emmons County Commission will consider proposed Zoning Ordinance No. 23-01-01 on Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 6:00 P.M., at the Emmons County Courthouse (Courtroom), Linton, North Dakota.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive public comment and direction on the proposed zoning ordinance.  If adopted, the ordinance would amend and revise Subsection B(2)(b)(i) of the Emmons County Zoning Ordinance as follows:  A map of the pipeline route which clearly indicates that the pipeline right-of-way does not pass within two thousand six hundred forty feet (2,640’) of an inhabited residence, within two hundred feet (200’) of any building or surface water body and is not within one hundred (100) feet of a highway right-of-way or section line unless perpendicular to said right-of-way or line.

If adopted, the ordinance would also add Subsection B(2)(b)(ii) of the Emmons County Zoning Ordinance as follows:  A variance for the setback from an inhabited residence (2,640’) may be allowed if the application for permit includes a signed and notarized waiver of setback from inhabited residence, signed by a resident of each such residence located within the proposed pipeline right-of-way.  Pipelines constructed for the transmission of water are not subject to the setback from inhabited residences. 

The proposed ordinance may be amended during or after the public hearing.  If you are unable to attend the public hearing, comments may be sent to the Emmons County Auditor, PO Box 129, Linton, ND 58552 or emailed to
Marlys Ohlhauser
Emmons County Auditor/Treasurer

Publish Dates:  January 12, 2022 and January 19, 2022.