​​Sheriff's Department

2019 Sheriff's Department Annual Report

The Emmons County Sheriff's Department compiles an Annual Report every year based on the previous year's activities. 

Gary Sanders,
Sheriff/911 Coordinator

Mark Pearson, Chief Deputy Sheriff

 Chris Vargas, Deputy Sheriff

John Bartlette, Deputy Sheriff
Damian Wright, Deputy Sheriff

Tena Weber,
Office Deputy/911 Assistant Coordinator 
Emmons County Sheriff
100 4th Street NW

P.O. Box 159
Linton, ND 58552
(701) 254-4411
(701) 254-5311 (Fax)

Emmons County Facebook Page

Duties Include but not limited to:

  • Enforcing all state civil, criminal, traffic laws,
  • Providing courtroom security
  • Services of any civil process and criminal documents
  • Emergency and non emergency incidents
  • Civil and domestic disputes
  • Criminal and accident investigations
  • Keeping peace

The 911 Coordinator Provides:

  • Addressing for rural and buildings
  • Maintains a 911 database
  • Provides updates to Emergency Medical Services
  • Maintain the 911 road signs

Serving the Communities of:

  • Emmons County
  • Linton
  • Strasburg
  • Hazelton
  • Hague
  • Braddock
  • Westfield, Hull, and Temvik