The Road Department maintains 1,100 certified road miles throughout Emmons County.

The Road Crew Provides the Following Services:

  •  Maintenance
  •  Culverts
  •  Graveling
  •  Snow Removal (Private driveways for emergency purposes only)

Road Closures:

  • Main Ave between 66th St and 69th St
  • Main Ave between 82nd St & 82 1/2 (by the old Al Wolf farm)
  • ​​3rd Ave SE between 82nd St & 84th St
  • 3rd Ave SE between 84th St & 87th St
  • 13th Ave SE between 96th St and 98th St
  • 14th Ave SE between 96th St and 100th St
  • 17th Ave SE between 88th St and 91st St
  • 18th Ave SE between Hwy 11 to 100th St
  • 20th Ave SE between Hwy 11 to 110th St
  • 20th Ave SE between 85th St & 86th St.  Road Department is working on the bridge, and road may be closed until April.
  • ​​21st Ave SE between 89th St to 91st St
  • ​21st Ave SE between 94th St to 95th St
  • 66th St between 3rd Ave SE and Main Ave
  • 69th St between 1st Ave SE and Hwy 83
  • ​​82nd Ave between Main Ave and 1st Ave SE
  • ​​​85th St between 17th Ave SE to 19th Ave SE
  • ​88th St SW between 14th Ave SE to 17th Ave SE
  • 91st St between 9th Ave SE to 11th Ave SE
  • 96th St between Hwy 83 to 13th Ave SE
  • ​​98th St SE between Hwy 83 and 11th Ave SE​

Francis Krumm, Road Supervisor
Emmons County Shop
7975 6th Ave SE
Linton, ND 58552


Emmons County Road Department